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The Moody Butterfly brand was created by Vanessa Foster to motivate, inspire, and empower women to accept themselves for who they are. We truly believe that by thinking positively about yourself, you can overcome any obstacle.

The name "Moody Butterfly" was inspired by the fact that butterflies are often seen as delicate and fragile creatures. They fly around gracefully through flowers, over trees, around gardens and the like. You may momentarily forget, however, that before becoming the butterfly, the caterpillar must exist. Prior to the metamorphosis, the appearance of the caterpillar may be considered, by some, as less than beautiful. Others may pass judgment, be critical, even cruel. 

However, Vanessa knows from personal experience that butterflies are actually quite strong and resilient. Having endured countless years of taunting, teasing and bullying, because of how she looked; being criticized because she was shy and reserved; being convinced by society that she was never good enough or pretty enough, she hopes that her brand will help women to see themselves as they truly are, resilient, unique creatures capable of anything. Ultimately, Vanessa created the Moody Butterfly brand to help women feel good about themselves - no matter what mood they're in.

While following the flight of the butterfly, the scents of nature were ever constant. Scents of Honeysuckle, Fresh Peach Blossoms, Sweet William, Roses and so many more, were always receptive to emotions. Always comforting after a bad day; Always relaxing during a stroll through the garden. Fresh scents never disappointed and somehow managed to restore feel good vibes while preparing for another day.

It should come as no secret, that since scents (try saying that five times fast) have always been a constant form of support, a company with scent at its (s)center (ok, I'll stop), would be the catalyst to create products to share scent with the world.

In addition to smell goods like scented candles and reed diffusers, our evolving line of products includes: Motivational Tees, Home Decor and Accessories.

Moody Butterfly's Creative Process

Our mission, in addition to motivating and uplifting all who use our products, is to create eco-friendly, plant-based sustainable offerings that stimulate the senses and uplift the soul.

Candles, for instance, are more than just a source of light. They have the ability to evoke powerful emotions and create a special ambiance in any space. Luxury scented candles from Moody Butterfly are handcrafted with only the finest ingredients to fill your home with luxurious fragrance.

Each candle is made with a blend of luxury waxes, like soy and coconut apricot, and all-natural fragrance oils. We only use oils that stimulate the senses and uplift the spirit, so you can enjoy the perfect fragrance experience with a pang of guilt. Our candles come in a variety of styles to suit any decor, and make a great gift for any occasion.

Fill your home with the luxurious scent of Moody Butterfly candles or our new reed diffusers, and create an unforgettable sensory experience. 

Life is even sweeter when it smells good.


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